I have a light bar on my truck and I drive it on secondary roads with little or no street lighting, I love it, the light grids saved me from deer, cows and people who are on the road, yes, they dazzle but I turn it off when I pass or I am a car, I think it is wrong, make them illegal, maybe illegal, have a very large one like 50 inches, but a 12 inch won`t hurt anyone`s laws if you (think you) are alone on the street? Read the laws and see if they make this exception. This is not the case. It is illegal to install only the lights and be on the public road. You don`t need to use them to break the law. Hmm, that`s interesting, Larry, so what about all the 18 wheels that have a million yellow (orange) lights in front? Just curious, I want to check out this cvse lighting brochure. My pods are flooded… I guess I need blankets.. I have H4 headlights and will use 80/100 watt bulbs. In the case of an “inspection”, I pull the bulbs and use the 55 60s.

Thank you for your comments. You`re right – fog lights should only be properly installed and used in foggy conditions. LED light strips like the one shown above are not legal on the road in British Columbia and could result in a hefty fine for users. LED lights are illegal on numbered highways and can earn users a hefty fine from the RCMP if they are not properly covered. “It`s even bigger than just a ticket,” Merrill said, noting that if the lights ever caused death on the streets, that`s a serious charge for the driver who uses them. I found this by chance. Light strips and accessory luminaires are very popular in Australia. The laws state that if you use them on the street, they must be wired into the switch of the high beam dimmer. Switch to the low beams, they will come out. They are also switched so that the high beams can operate without the acc lights. It is important to note that we also have laws that prohibit high beams in “built-up areas” (where there are street lights) and at certain distances from oncoming traffic. Maybe these are the types of rules you might find acceptable? I was about to ask the same thing because I know you don`t need it or you don`t need it, because I`m a volunteer firefighter in North Carolina and in some states you need some kind of orange flashing emergency light, you need a permit, but I was wondering if that has changed where you need a permit.

There are a handful of manufacturers that produce approved light strips (FMVSS compliant). It will be interesting to see how this affects the people who own these light bars. I would like to see Department 4 of the regulation rewritten to take into account new lighting technologies and a federal shift to a more European standard. There are too many people who have no idea about car lighting, who find it brighter than better, which is not always the case. Maybe a start would be educating drivers about lighting, but this usually falls on deaf ears as I continue to see pilots driving in fog and in the pouring rain without lights. Maybe fines are what people need to learn what is right and what is not. I plugged my truck into a lot of these bars. 1 50 inches above the cab and a 20 and 30 inch on my grille and bumper.

I also have 4 12-inch poles under my steps. I almost never use them as they look, I prefer to have the option and I never have to use them as my charging area. Have it, but almost never use it. My question is: Can you still get a ticket just because they are in the vehicle, or does it only affect when they are on duty? Those who do not cover their lights will be fined by the RCMP. All lenses must have point marks, SAE, ECE or they are not legal, there are also mounting height requirements as well as how they must be wired – everything is in the regulations under general lighting that look for bc hwy regs An RCMP publication states that LED light strips, when used at night on highways, do not really provide the driver with an elevated view, because he does not project far enough into the distance. This lack of visibility makes it more difficult to see animals on the road at a safe distance. To ensure compliance with this and many other laws and regulations, our Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE) employees conduct visual and detailed mechanical safety inspections at road and inspection stations. Commercial vehicles weighing more than 8,200 kg must also be inspected semi-annually or annually, and lighting equipment is part of this vehicle inspection. Each year, the CVSE, police and other law enforcement agencies also conduct safety checks focused on off-road lights mounted on non-commercial vehicles and passenger cars. I agree! I want to add a light bar at the bottom of my bumper just so I can see while driving the I10 at night. Everywhere outside the lights of the big city is very dark.

I just returned from my trip to West Texas last month and almost stumbled upon a concrete barricade outside san Antonio. The road was running at almost 90 degrees, but there were no signs or reflectors in the work area. Lighting and signage are so poor on some sections of the I10 in Texas that I had to drive 55-60 in areas of 80 mph. (a) is able to project a beam of light onto an object, and I operate two stacked 54-inch light strips and I agree with you that you hate light when it`s bright, but I never let my lights run around homes or other drivers Like the shade of the secondary market, it is not illegal to sell or own, but using them on a public highway is a crime under the Newfoundland and Labrador Highway Traffic Act. The same applies to the laws of the other Atlantic provinces. People are tired of being blinded by people changing their headlights, and law enforcement is starting to take note, and it`s only a matter of time before the idiots who do this start to be arrested and fined. Wow, a lot of eligible drivers here who feel it`s their right to drive at full speed on highways at the speed of light because, you guessed it, they have these huge awesome light bars that they use properly and from time to time to “remind others” to turn off their high beams. Let`s bet that the same people argue that the photo radar is just a silver shot and that the yellow lights at intersections mean “pin it”. I saw a big van in the parking lot of a grocery store today that had all this plus LED lights mounted on the grill and 2 on the top of the hood. It was probably sarcastic because you don`t have to trigger your gun during transport, only when it`s in the warehouse you can leave it hidden and unlocked – although not smart – in your vehicle and you`re completely legal – I don`t know anyone who stops the lock while shooting or hunting – maybe you don`t trust yourself hey – LOL An LED light bar, mounted under headlights used as auxiliary lights/fog lights that turn off either the toggle/relay switches in the high beams and are horizontal and do not exceed a beam height of 25 feet, fall under the guidelines for auxiliary lighting and comply with the PA code.