Answer: I think so. Greyhounds are legal in California and that`s most likely what any “wolf” would be like if someone not affiliated with the zoo bought one. If you think an exotic pet is a pet you want to keep in your California home, make sure you know exactly what your city or county laws are for legal pets before you buy one. It is not advisable for you if you rent an apartment to have an exotic pet, as it will be more difficult to find future places to live. Large carnivores such as lions, tigers and bears belong illegally, as do monkeys, baboons and macaques. There is also a limit of six animals per owner for bobcats, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, quails, opossums, coyotes, deer, red foxes and grey foxes. If you acquired an animal in another state, you must prove that it was acquired legally. Gerbils are a very common pet in the United States and some might be surprised to find them on the list of illegal pets in California. Like ferrets, however, they are not allowed in the state. Because our climate is so similar to the natural habitat of a gerbil in the desert, officials fear that abandoned and escaped pets could endanger California`s native wildlife and plants by creating wild colonies. Any questions about the legality of pets in California should instead be asked as “Which animals are legal?” On the criminal side, illegal possession of an exotic or prohibited animal is punishable by up to six months in prison and a fine of up to $1,000. Miles Norwood: All exotic full-blooded cats are illegal in California.

Most birds are also legal in California. The only illegal parrot is the invasive monk parakeet (or Quaker parrot). Crows such as crows and magpies are illegal, as are birds of prey (falcons, falcons, eagles) and vultures. Mynah birds, known for their incredible ability to mimic human language, are illegal, with the exception of hill Mynah and Rothchild`s Mynah species. Other interesting species such as toucans, exotic pigeons and hornbills are legal, so those interested in bird breeding can do so and enjoy the prey of the Napa Valley or the vast forests of red forests. Question: I read on another page that Fennec foxes are legal to own in California. It`s true? If an animal is not banned or requires a permit, it can be kept as a pet. However, no one can own more than 6 animals of any kind and no more than 25 wild animals without game at any given time. Coatis bred in captivity can be kept as pets, but proof of legal acquisition is required. No permits are required in any county west of the Pecos River with a population of less than 25,000. It`s legal to own both llamas and alpacas in California, but unlike the other unusual pets on our list, these unique animals are best kept in herds as cattle rather than individual pets.

Question: Are bearded dragons legal to own in California? Wooden rattlesnakes and eastern copperheads can only be kept as pets if they have been legally harvested from the wild and require a venomous snake permit. Pet owners are limited to a wooden rattlesnake. Yes Anonymous, you can own a chinchilla and a chicken no hermit crabs are not illegal in California and this guy is sorry but you can`t have a South African rock which is a very aggressive snake, and Omar, you can`t have an eagle, but you can have a red-tailed falcon in California, but you just have to go to training What are the types of snakes, that you can own in California? Maybe you`ve always wanted to own a monkey, or you`re wondering if it`s legal for your neighbor to have this puma in their garden. Fortunately for your curiosity, every state has exotic animal laws that allow, restrict, or prohibit the possession of certain animal species. The following article describes in detail some of these state laws. In California, greyhounds F3 and under (F4, F5, etc.) are legal. This means that the “wolf”, most likely a high-content greyhound, but for the most part indistinguishable in appearance and behavior, is the great-grandparent of the offspring. These animals are still visible to the general public and are likely to be more problematic than high-quality/”pure” wolves because they are less predictable due to their mixed genetics.

With such an identity crisis, it`s a shame that these blends are the only option people have to own a legal wolfdog. You should really legalize the hedgehog and ferret, all other states are doing well! Answer: Pangolins are heavily marketed and zoos struggle to keep them alive. No one has them. If they did, they would be illegal in California. That`s why it`s important that you know the legal status of an animal before you take it as a pet. Intelligent as a dog, foxes were bred to live as pets – but they are not completely domesticated. Pet foxes are legal in up to 15 states, but not in California. The rules vary depending on the breed, the most common being the fennek fox. Although there are fox breeders in California, they cannot be legally sold in the state.

Pennsylvania does not list exotic animals that are legally kept without permission. Ohio`s laws have changed since the Zanesville animal slaughter in 2011. More than 50 wild animals were released from a reserve where authorities had to euthanize lions, tigers, bears and wolves roaming the streets. Since then, the Dangerous Wildlife Act has made lions, tigers, bears, elephants, alligators, monkeys and servals illegal and requires a permit.