Nothing about bullpups is specifically illegal. But bullpups often have features that make them illegal under the Nys Act, such as pistol grips, wires or muzzle devices, etc. So you have two options. Something specially designed to be functionless, like the Keltec rdb-s (the rdb-c has a threaded barrel) or a fixed Mag. If you opt for the fixed mag channel, I suggest you get a CompMag. You can also find dealers selling “converted” weapons without features, usually with pinline/sweat protection and fin handles, although the legality of fin handles is still controversial, so it`s up to you to decide if you want to take that risk. I remember seeing these weapons in a few shops around me. I believe they are legal as long as they still have fake muzzle devices, which I think they do. Bullpups are small packages that offer a lot of bite.

They are designed for hand-to-hand combat and can reach up to 100 meters or more when combined with low-power optics. The control of Bullpups is also closer to the user. Here are the best choices of shotguns and bull rifles to consider for your evacuation bag. I thought about buying this rifle from gun brokers, but I heard a rumor about bullpup guns that are not legal in this state. British firearms expert Jonathan Ferguson studied the origin of the term in 2019-2020. He found the first evidence in gun magazines of the 1930s suggesting that the “bullpup” is derived from an analogy of these rifles with bulldog puppies (colloquially called “bullpups” in England in the late 19th and early 20th centuries), who were considered “stocky, ugly, but still aggressive and powerful.” [4] The original meaning of the word to describe dogs has since fallen into disuse, but the term has remained in the gun industry. As far as I know, this should be legal under Wikipedia laws. But maybe I`m missing something, so I thought I`d ask before I spend my tax return money on something I can`t take possession of. The bullpup design places the weapon`s mechanism of action behind the trigger, and the receiver functionally serves as the rear end with usually only a thin end plate,[5] making the weapon more of a “stickless” weapon from a purely technical point of view. The magazine is also used behind the trigger group[5] (technically, only the magazine`s power slot must be behind the trigger for the gun to be classified as a bullpup), but in some designs such as the Heckler & Koch G11, FN P90 and Neostead, the magazine can extend beyond the trigger. [6] The EM-2 contained some similarities to the Soviet AK-47, although Januszewski never saw the Soviet rifle. The first large bullpup assault rifle came from the British program to replace service pistols, machine guns and rifles.

In both the EM-1 and EM-2 forms, the new rifle concept was created as a result of the experience gained with small arms during the Second World War. [14] It was obvious that modern warfare would require infantry to be armed with a light and selective firearm whose effective range is much longer than that of a machine gun. but shorter than those of conventional semi-automatic or bolt-action pistols. The bullpup design was deemed necessary to maintain accuracy in the range while reducing the overall length. The EM-2 was introduced by Britain in 1951 as the world`s first (limited) bullpup rifle, but was quickly replaced by the introduction of the 7.62×51 mm (0.308 inch) NATO cartridge, to which the EM-2 could not be easily adapted. The decision was overturned and a more conventional variant of the FN FAL was adopted in its place. [15] After these bullpup design failures to achieve a wide service, the concept was further explored (e.g. a second Korobow bullpup, the TKB-022PM).

Some sniper rifles such as the American Barrett M95 and XM500,[21] the German Walther WA 2000 and DSR-1,[22] the Chinese QBU-88s, the Russian SVU, the Polish Bor, the American Desert Tech SRS, and the American Desert Tech HTI[23] use the bullpup layout. It is also used for combat rifle designs such as the Neostead and the Kel-Tec KSG. [24] Bullpups are currently used as a standard rifle of the following forces: If the action is integrated into the buttock stick and the total length is reduced, the weight of the weapon is moved backwards. This makes the bullpup more maneuverable in narrow environments like those found in urban environments – it moves through doors, turns corners, makes its way through spaces, negotiates piles of debris and gets in and out of vehicles. This center of balance also generally makes bullpup-style weapons more convenient to carry and shoulder quickly. The Steyr AUG (selected in 1977) is often considered the first successful bullpup.[16][17][18] in the service of the armed forces of more than twenty countries and the main rifle of Austria and Australia. It was very advanced in the 1970s, combining in the same weapon the bullpup configuration, the intensive use of polymer, two vertical handles, an optical visor as standard and a modular design. The Steyr AUG was extremely reliable, lightweight and accurate and clearly demonstrated the potential of the bullpup layout. The arrival of FAMAS in 1978 and its adoption by the France emphasized the shift from traditional to bullpup provisions in rifle designs. [18] The DP-12 is a bullpup that combines the characteristics of a shotgun and a double-barreled shotgun. Want 12-gauge firepower? This animal has it.

The DP-12 can accommodate 16 23/4-inch grenades fired via a single trigger. The trigger pulls one barrel at a time – the right and then the left. When the operator manages the action of the pump, the voids are shaken by the two drums. The standard also includes a visually finished rail for other tactical improvements. For more information, please visit KelTec applied the bullpup design to the shotgun platform to create the unique KSG. It is also worth noting that the operator can manually select one of the tubes in the KSG magazine via a lever behind the trigger protector. This means that a pipe can be loaded with screws for long-distance work or with buckshot for close-ups. The old UTS 15 is a 12-gauge shotgun with a capacity of 14 + 1. Two magazine tubes are located above the barrel, and each tube contains seven 23/4-inch trays or six 3-inch trays. The 18.5-inch gun accommodates a variety of throttle hoses, including closing tubes.

FN has refined the bullpup design with the FN FS2000. The FN FS2000 uses a gas-powered rotary bolt lock with a forward-mounted ejection port. This means that empty crates are discarded by the operator. FN housed the action and magazine in a polymer shaft, making the FS2000 a short and compact weapon, even with a 17.44-inch barrel equipped with a muzzle brake. The controls are ambidextrous and the outside of the weapon is smooth and hookless, so it is less likely to get tangled up to the equipment or operating environment. The 5.56mm FS2000 CQB (pictured) has a three-rail foreground. For more information, please visit The Stealth Recon Scout A1 (SRS-A1) sniper system is a compact and accurate rifle that works well for hunting or fighting targets from a distance.

Designed for dedicated sniper use, the SRS-A1 is 12 inches shorter than a traditional sniper system. The company also offers kits that allow users to exchange calibers in the field. Floating races and match-quality match triggers are standard, giving the rifle 0.5 MOA accuracy with high-quality match ammunition. It is robust and designed to be used in the harshest conditions. For more information, please visit A bullpup firearm is one whose handle is in front of the lock of the weapon instead of behind. [1] The result is a weapon with a shorter total length for a given barrel length, which is often lighter, more compact, more concealed and more maneuverable than a conventionally configured firearm. Where it is desirable for troops to get a more compact weapon, the use of a bullpup configuration makes it possible to maintain the length of the barrel, thus maintaining the muzzle velocity, range and ballistic effectiveness. [2] The AUG was the first bullpup design adopted by a major military man.