“We have been involved in several of the most important corporate transactions in the legal sector in the Iberian Peninsula this year, with the firm objective of pursuing our expansion plan and positioning ourselves in the top 10 law firms operating in Spain in the short term,” said Andersen`s co-managing partners in the Iberian Peninsula. Source: Andersen Global Andersen Global continues to expand its Caribbean platform with the addition of the cooperative firm Guardian Business Group in Montserrat, complementing its existing legal capabilities by Read More Andersen in Portugal is an independent tax and legal firm with a global presence through Andersen Global`s member firms and cooperating firms. This issue of Global Insights contains tax, legal and business news, ideas and insights that we collected and compiled from our member firms and cooperating companies in August. Andersen is the Spanish member firm of Andersen Global, an international association of legally distinct and independent member firms composed of tax and legal experts from around the world. Founded in 2013 by U.S. member firm Andersen Tax LLC, Andersen Global now has more than 9,000 professionals worldwide and is present in more than 326 locations through its member firms and cooperation companies. Founded in 2005 by Luisa Curado, Teresa Nogueira and Carla Malhao, CNA provides national and international legal services with expertise such as business and corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance, labour law, tax law, tax litigation, intellectual property law and public law. CNA joins Andersen, based in Lisbon, Portugal, where Andersen Global has had a member firm since 2017. José Mota Soares, Managing Partner of Andersen`s Portugal office, added: “It has been a pleasure to work with like-minded people who are committed to serving clients at the highest level. We have had positive synergies and together we will continue to build strong relationships with our customers locally and internationally. Source: Andersen Global Andersen Global continues its expansion in Africa by collaborating with the cooperating company HIMA, an Ethiopian tax company based in Addis Ababa. Led by Managing Partner Nabiyu Feto and founded Read More.

Andersen in Spain has integrated Lisbon-based member firm Andersen Global into its business structure, expanded the capabilities of its team and established a new pillar in its expansion strategy. Andersen`s management in the Iberian Peninsula, involving Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Seville and Lisbon, is united by this transaction and fulfills one of Andersen`s objectives within the framework of Madrid`s 2021-2023 strategic plan. This specific objective focused on identifying a solution to better serve national and international customers with operations and business interests in the Iberian Peninsula The integration meets one of the objectives of Andersen`s 2021-2023 strategic plan, which takes into account the concerns of the team and customers regarding the connection between Spain and Portugal and gives a new impetus to national and international customers. with interests in the Iberian Peninsula. In particular, the Lisbon office offers a strengthened comprehensive service with skills in all areas of law and a solvent team that has already worked with the Spanish team on joint projects. Source: Andersen Global Andersen Global continues to deepen its Africa platform through a collaboration agreement with Tanzanian law firm Lawhill and Co. Advocates. Teresa and her Dar es Salaam-based team and founder Read More “Teresa, Luisa and their team consistently demonstrate their commitment to their customers by providing world-class solutions,” said Mark Vorsatz, President and CEO of Andersen Global. “The Porto team has already established a strong working relationship with the Lisbon office. This integration reinforces their collaborative nature and our organization`s commitment to ensuring that a full range of services is seamlessly delivered to our customers around the world. Photo: Íñigo Rodríguez-Sastre, José Mota Soares and José Vicente Morote. The foundation adds José Mota Soares to the team of partners who will lead the Lisbon office, and Gonçalo Cid, who will head the tax department Steven Flynn, a partner at Andersen in Canada, discussed the impact of IRS funding in Canada and the United States in a recent article published by The Globe and Mail.

August 26, 2022 Read more Read more “The Lisbon team is fully integrated into spanish society, because one of the company`s objectives was to have an office with direct management to avoid partnerships or mixed integrations,” explained José Vicente Morote and Íñigo Rodríguez-Sastre, co-managing partner of Andersen in Spain, stressing that “this transaction and the recent steps of the company such as the integration of DA Lawyers last July and CHR Legal in January, the three-year strategic plan reached a very high level of development in the first year. José Mota Soares, managing partner of the Lisbon office, added: “We have already established a strong working relationship with Andersen in Spain, and given our synergy, this integration was the next logical step to ensure that our clients continue to receive a world-class service. We share the same vision of the growth and development of the practice, based on the values of our global organization and our “one firm” culture. Andersen in Spain has integrated the Lisbon-based Portuguese company into its structure, expanded its team and capabilities, and established a new pillar in its expansion strategy based on synergies between the two countries to better serve customers. The Legal 500 directory highlighted Andersen in its 2022 ranking in three areas in Portugal, strengthening the company`s positioning. Source: Andersen Global Andersen Global expands its presence in France through a collaboration agreement with Squair to improve coverage in the European region to seamlessly meet customer needs. Olivier Lopez Read more Source: Andersen Global Andersen Global strengthens its global presence in East Asia through a non-exclusive cooperation agreement with full-service law firm Lee & Ko, expanding the reach of the global organization Read more Source: Andersen Global Andersen Global expands its European coverage through a cooperation agreement with full-service law firm LEXTAL Legal, adding three sites in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. LEXTAL Legal provides services Read more “The addition of the Lisbon-based team is a turning point for the management and organization of the firm, paving the way for growth and strengthening the firm`s ability to provide its clients with a comprehensive and transparent service, regardless of borders,” said José Vicente Morote and Íñigo Rodríguez-Sastre, associate co-managers of Andersen`s Madrid office. “The three-year strategic plan has reached a high level of development in the first nine months with this creation and the integration of DA Lawyers last July and CHR in January,” they said. The Andersen Europe working group organised an event to analyse different strategies to address the economic challenges with the least possible impact on multinational companies “In recent years, our relationship with Andersen Global has been beneficial for the growth and development of our company,” said CNA Partners and the new managing partners of Andersen`s Portugal office, Teresa Nogueira and Luisa Curado. “We are delighted to acquire the Andersen brand as it strengthens our capabilities globally and further demonstrates our commitment to providing best-in-class solutions to our customers.

According to Morote and Rodríguez-Sastre, the integration of Portugal is “a turning point in the management and organization of the company, moving from the coordination of offices to a union as a whole, opening a new path of growth with a complete and high-quality service throughout the Iberian Peninsula”. For his part, the Managing Partner of the Lisbon office, José Mota Soares, highlighted “the good relationship between the Lisbon and Andersen Spain teams and the ease with which it will be possible to work fully integrated, as this will improve the cohesion of the team and the homogeneity of their way of working”. He also stressed that Andersen`s project in the Iberian Peninsula is “exciting and that both parties share the company`s vision, the idea of growth and the development of practices”, which, he added, “is based on Andersen`s values and the principle of one company that governs the international company”.