Yes, your son can use your Amazon Prime account. You must allow it on the Amazon Prime account settings page. And then I wondered when teens could start applying for their own Amazon account. If you cancel Amazon Kids, your account will be terminated and all current subscriptions will be canceled. You will not be charged for past or future subscriptions. Yes, someone under the age of 18 can have an Amazon account. You must have permission from your parent or guardian to create an account, and you must provide proof of age. But then I realized that these teens are probably very aware of their Amazon Prime household membership because they regularly access the family`s Prime account, order books or watch movies, or are asked for the fifth time to empty groceries that arrive in Amazon Prime Fresh boxes. So what do teens do? When parents say, “That`s it, this is your own Amazon account, you can share your interests and desires with a big company, but you don`t need to share them with us anymore?” Now, Amazon is giving teens ages 13 to 17 more autonomy — and let`s face it by linking them to the colossal shopping catalog right from the start — by introducing teen accounts. Parents choose a payment method and delivery address and decide whether they want to be able to approve each order from their teen or set a pre-approved spending limit. To start shopping, teens need to download the Amazon app and create a login.

When they want to buy something, their parents will receive a text message or email with the item, price, and an optional note from their child saying, “Dad, can I get those pants for my ski trip?” or “I really, really need glitter.” Parents can answer with “Y” for Yes, or they can review the order in more detail on the website. But Amazon also offers Amazon Allowance, which is a way for parents to give money to children through Amazon, and the fine print indicates that teens need their own Amazon account to use Amazon Allowance, although they still need the “involvement” of the parent/guardian. Yes, an 11-year-old can have an Amazon account. Amazon requires users to be at least 13 years old to create an account and make purchases. Parents with a Prime membership can share “selected benefits” with their teen, including free two-day shipping of more than 50 million items, Prime Video, and Twitch Prime. Teens and parents can create a teen account with To add an Amazon Prime video to your child profile, follow these steps: Sign in to your Amazon account. Under Your account, click Child Profile. Under My Kids, click Add Video.

On the next screen, select “Amazon Prime Video” from the list of services and enter your child`s Amazon Prime account information. In addition, parents can share Prime Video and Twitch Prime with their teens, so they can have their own account for these services. For starters, parents can visit or sign up via an SMS or email invitation from their teens. So it seems like teens could have their own Amazon account, although I`m not sure that “involvement” means their parents can see everything on the account. I`m not sure about all this because I`m neither a parent nor a teenager, but I`m very curious about it. As you can imagine, signing up for this is very easy for teens and parents. You just need to go to the website or app, set up your teen`s account (linked to yours, of course), choose the payment method, shipping address, and more. Amazon`s Terms of Service state that anyone under the age of 18 may only use the Service with “the involvement of a parent or guardian.” Now the online retailer makes it easier for parents. The company has introduced a new service that allows teens between the ages of 13 and 17 to create their own credentials linked to their parents` account. If your teen finds something they want to buy, they place an order and you receive an SMS or email informing you of the purchase and details, and you can review the transaction before giving final approval. Do you have a reasonable teenager and don`t want to bother to check every transaction? You can set spending limits instead.

For more details, see I don`t necessarily want my parents to see my Amazon account, and I`m a 35-year-old woman. The thing about Amazon accounts is that they`re super personalized, right? They give you recommendations based on everything you look at and what you buy, which means that everyone who accesses my Amazon account has a pretty good idea of what`s going on in my head. (It also means that any parent who follows the advice to “let your teenage experimenter buy their first sex toy through Amazon” — which is real advice — should be willing to accept the search results.) Traditionally, teens who had to buy notebooks or new sneakers on Amazon had to either ask their parents to do it for them or log into their parents` account, where Mom and Dad`s viewing history was fully displayed (“Fifty Shades Darker? Eww, Mother! Amazon has never really had clear rules regarding a minimum age for purchases by simply stating in its Terms of Service that anyone under the age of 18 “may only use the Amazon Services with the participation of a parent or guardian” and that you must be 21 years of age to purchase alcohol. Choose from email or SMS notifications to let you know when your teen places an order. Reply with “Y” text or review and approve the order through your Amazon account.